Event Date: February 24, 2016
The Share Better campaign is coordinating a new program of media and organizing tactics with a view to ensuring the illegal hotels law stays in place as well as preempt moves on the part of Airbnb to dilute and eliminate regulations in that area. A central part of those efforts is reinforcing and expanding on the ability to mobilize a broad base of Airbnb opposition among key elected officials, and political stakeholders. The rally on the 24th will bring together hundreds of top supporters from housing activists to hotel workers to make Airbnb illegal hotels a focal issue in the Albany political universe. Please see below for logistics:

The rally will begin at 11:00am on Wednesday, February 24th. It will be held on the Million Dollar Staircase on the 3rd floor of the State Capitol Building (State St. and Washington Ave, Albany, NY 12224).

There will be about 20 legislators, including committee chairs and members attending the rally.

Following the rally (at approximately 12:00pm) meetings have been scheduled with 30 legislators, including members of the key committees where a bill enabling greater enforcement and restrictions on illegal hotel activity will go through. The meetings will run from 12:00pm-3:00pm. Sharebetter will have groups of people stationed outside of each legislative chamber to engage and hand out materials to members throughout the session day.

The Hotel Association of New York City, Inc. strongly supports these efforts and would welcome participation in the rally from all levels of management and staff.