June 29, 2016
A local man says he found his place ransacked and thousands of dollars in electronics and jewelry missing after he rented the unit on AirBnB. The host says it looks like the renters threw a party and even wore his clothes. “Clearly, I was used in the matter,” the host told Channel 2’s Carl Willis, asking not to be identified. “My electronics, my clothing, my designer clothing, jewelry — so many things were stolen. Like pretty much anything in my home that held value that they could fit and take with them.” In addition to having his place ransacked and his property stolen by the renter or one of the renter’s guests, someone stole the host’s personal information that could be used for identity theft….
Source: http://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/atlanta/airbnb-host-comes-home-to-ransacked-house/373272196