June 23, 2016
Travaglini has used Airbnb for over two years, under her legal name, and says she’s only ever gotten positive reviews from her hosts. “I have always used the website for leisure, vacation-related travel—never worked out of the location, never advertised that my other persona was going to be at the location,” she said. Travaglini also emphasizes that the sex work she does is strictly legal—she performs in pornography and works as a dominatrix, beating up and wrestling guys, as she puts it. But again, never at an Airbnb rental. “I didn’t even have to work in an Airbnb, to see clients in an Airbnb, for me to be denied service, even after two and half years of stellar reviews,” she said. Airbnb did not respond to a request for comment by press time—and there are, of course, other reason she could have been banned. But, Travaglini’s allegations aren’t the first such accusations against the platform….
Source: http://www.vocativ.com/332861/another-sex-worker-accuses-airbnb-of-banning-her/