February 11, 2016
Hospitality research firm STR released a report this week asserting that Airbnb is having no material impact on hotel room demand in Manhattan, a finding that is being challenged by both national and local hotel industry advocates. Hotel advocates took issue with the conclusions as well as with STR using data directly from Airbnb for the report. Vijay Dandapani, president of New York-based Apple Core Hotels and chairman of the Hotel Association of New York City, cited Airbnb’s own estimate in mid-December that 47,000 people would be staying with city Airbnb hosts on New Year’s Eve as proof of increased competition. “That data was cooked up,” Dandapani said about the STR report. “If Airbnb doesn’t have an impact on New York hotels, I’m a monkey’s uncle.”….
Source: http://www.travelweekly.com/Travel-News/Hotel-News/Hotel-industry-disputes-report-about-Airbnb-impact-in-NYC