September 23, 2016
Airbnb hosts earn an average of $10,000 annually in renting out space to tourists visiting New Orleans, and a small number of those people used the money to avoid eviction or foreclosure, according to a report released by Airbnb on Friday (Sept. 24). The report also says that tourists who rent out Airbnb properties are mostly using the online platform because they want to find rentals that allow them to “live like a local. The report said that 92 percent of tourists in Airbnb properties want to “live like a local,” and 84 percent of them were so satisfied with the experience that they’re likely to return to New Orleans. Airbnb is in the midst of a public relations push to cast the company as a vital player in the city’s tourism industry, benefiting tourists and locals alike. The San Francisco-based company is spending nearly $1 million on an ad campaign ahead of an Oct. 6 City Council vote on whether to adopt new regulations that would ban most whole-house rentals recommended by the city Planning Commission. The City Council is expected to vote on short-term rental regulations on Oct. 6….