August 18, 2016
Tourism and business travel to Nashville are at an all-time high. Hotel development can’t keep pace with demand. A new regulatory tool called “short-term rental property” is filling the vacuum. Homeowners use online listing services like Airbnb to market the property to consumers who seek short-term overnight accommodations. The online listing service collects a fee from the traveler. These homes appeal to families or groups of friends as an alternative to the traditional hotel or motel. Unfortunately, the proliferation of short-term rentals is posing a serious threat to many of Nashville’s thriving urban neighborhoods. Residences in East Nashville, Germantown and Edgehill, among others, are home to a wide range of people, from singles to families with children to retirees who favor the convenience of urban living. But the advent of short-term rentals is upending residential zoning as we know. The end result for these neighborhoods could resemble a mix of commercial and residential that’s often found in vacation hubs across the country….