June 24, 2016
Bad news for Airbnb: The Los Angeles City Planning Commission approved Thursday a draft of regulations for short-term rental services that would impose fines and time limits for listings. The proposal will now make its way to the City Council, which will vote on it later this summer. Under the proposed rules, Airbnb users cannot rent out their homes or a room within their homes for longer than 90 days annually. They can only list, period, if they register it with the government. Hosts will also have to pay the city’s 14 percent hotel tax. Those who don’t abide by the rules would face fine of up to $2,000 per day past the three-month limit and $200 per day for posting an unregistered listing….
Source: http://therealdeal.com/la/2016/06/24/planning-commission-voted-in-support-of-regulations-on-airbnb/