July 1, 2016
For those guests who prefer houses to hotels, the Hamptons has always offered numerous rental options, from quaint shingled cottages to sprawling bowling-alley-lined McMansions. But some of those visitors are to blame for harming the resort area’s quality of life, local officials say, bringing excessive noise, a glut of cars and a revolving door of strangers to the region. In response, communities on the North and South Forks are aggressively cracking down on what could be called the Airbnb crowd — those short-term renters who are accused, fairly or not, of summer shenanigans. And that policing — which has come in the form of registries, bans on short-term stays and stepped-up tax collections — is roiling the seasonal rental market, according to the short-term landlords, lawyers and real estate brokers….
Source: http://therealdeal.com/issues_articles/gauging-the-airbnb-effect-on-seasonal-rentals-in-the-hamptons/