February 4, 2016
Want to spend a weekend in Chicago? At a rate of $320 per night, plus taxes and fees, you could stay at “Samson’s Estate,” which, according to a listing on the popular rental website Airbnb, offers wireless Internet, air conditioning, two beds, and a half-bath, shampoo included. The catch? It’s a dorm room at the University of Chicago. Or, at least, it was advertised that way, featuring an image of the university seal and the description: “a quiet dorm in the middle of Uchicago’s campus in the Max Palevsky dorm.” Citing safety concerns, colleges generally put language in housing contracts that forbids students to rent their dormitory rooms. Even so, that Chicago rental offer is hardly one of a kind….
Source: http://chronicle.com/article/In-Airbnb-Era-Colleges-Count/235171