July 20, 2016
I am the team manager for my son’s under-14 football team. After our most recent victory in the pouring rain, after the song had been sung and the awards handed out, I was cleaning up in the changing room. I am the last to leave most games but this time another parent was hanging around and when everyone else had gone and we were alone he said “Marcus, I have been offered shares in Airbnb; should I buy them?” Really? They are handing out Airbnb shares pre-IPO? I asked him if he used a broker, he didn’t have one. I asked him if he regularly traded shares. No. I asked him if he had connections with Airbnb. No. I asked if he had any investment experience beyond superannuation. No. How did they contact you? Emailed and contacted by phone three times. “They are relentless,” he said. Did you fill in something online? Yes. American or Australian? “Australian I think, but may have been English”. What was the name of the broker. I’d never heard of it (name withheld lest I get sued – but it wasn’t Stratton Oakmont)….
Source: http://www.smh.com.au/money/investing/beware-yanks-selling-airbnb-shares-in-the-latest-scam-20160714-gq5i8f.html