August 24, 2016
Who’s the big group that’s being excluded? Watch the commercials again. It’s people who take selfies at the Eiffel Tower, who tour the Seine by boat, who ride Segways past the Arc d’Triomphe. People whose very presence in the ads is so disregarded that they’re only seen under cold gray rainy skies, people who, in both words and tone, are referenced almost contemptuously in the voiceover. Ironically and stereotypically, it’s as if the ad was penned by a French writer sitting at a café off the Champs Elysees looking down his Gauloise at the group of American (or German, or Australian) tourists doing any of those things noted above with the sneer that has become (unfortunately) commonplace for tourists to see in that city. The big group that’s being excluded is also people who travel from certain parts of the world to see other parts of the world. People who spend their hard-earned money to do so. People who, yes, sometimes stay in hotels precisely because it’s NOT like being at home. Because sometimes they don’t want to do the stuff they normally do – they’re on vacation trying to do stuff that they never do, or have never done before….