June 22, 2016
In a historic first for the annual tenant versus landlord battle that is the Rent Guidelines Board, both sides are in agreement. While the landlords still want to up rents and the tenants still want them lower, each abhor the entity that is Airbnb. The unusual tenant landlord unity came as the New York State Senate passed a bill that aims to prohibit listings for short-term rentals, boosting the possibility of an outright ban for services like Airbnb. The proposal outlaws online listings that last for under 30 days. It essentially widens the range of restriction for New York City apartments. Previously, New York State law only prohibited renting out apartments for under 30 days when the official resident is not present. However, listings for such apartments were not officially banned. The bill, sponsored by Senate Republican Andrew Lanza, passed with a vote of 56-6. To become law, the bill only needs the signature of Governor Andrew Cuomo….
Source: http://rew-online.com/2016/06/22/rent-guidelines-board-airbnb/