September 21, 2016
Share Better, the hotel union-backed anti-Airbnb group, has a new ad campaign targeting the company’s “sophisticated tax avoidance scheme.” “The six-figure media buy, features a new TV ad airing on major cable news networks such as CNN, MSNBC, and NY1, primarily in New York City, and other media markets, as well as digital ads running across all social media platforms to reach a national audience,” according to the group’s release. Share Better, which also includes affordable housing advocates, has been engaged in a protracted battle with Airbnb, arguing that the service not only undermines the hotel industry, but also depletes New York City’s affordable housing stock. Up in Albany, Governor Andrew Cuomo has yet to say if he’ll sign a Share Better-backed bill that would levy steep fines on Airbnb hosts who advertise apartments for short-term stays without also remaining on the premises, in violation of state law. Airbnb recently launched its own ad campaign in an effort to convince Cuomo to veto the legislation. Here’s the ad: