July 5, 2016
Airbnb likes to position itself as a friend of cities, but it’s having a lot of trouble in the US. Such is often the reality for Airbnb, which despite its good-neighbor rhetoric (see: the Airbnb Community Compact) can quickly change tones when its own best interests are at risk. And they often are in big cities with high rents and constrained housing. The fear among local officials is that landlords will decide it’s more lucrative to rent their units on Airbnb in perpetuity than to lease them to long-term residents. Airbnb likes to say this is a myth put out by the hotel lobby and affordable housing advocates, but from personal experience I can tell you it’s a thing that happens. Cities are right to be worried; Airbnb of course wants to protect its business. The two are bound to clash….
Source: http://tinyletter.com/oversharing/letters/oversharing-airbnb-fights-with-cities-and-uber-and-lyft-settle-the-vanderzanden-affair