July 12, 2016
2,233. That is the number of New York listings that Airbnb says it removed over the last year as it makes a last-ditch attempt to dissuade the state from enacting regulations that could cripple its business. “We have acted on a one host, one home policy in NYC and have taken down 2,233 listings that appeared to be hosts with multiple listings that could impact long term housing availability,” the company wrote in a release last Thursday (July 7). “We are concerned about hosts who may offer space that could otherwise have been on the long-term rental housing market in New York City.” Airbnb has rarely, if ever, struck such a conciliatory tone in New York, which seems like the best indication that the company is genuinely panicked about the short-term rental bill awaiting a signature from the governor….
Source: http://tinyletter.com/oversharing/letters/oversharing-illegal-eats-super-cheap-ubers-and-airbnb-s-listings-purge