October 22, 2016
Why does Airbnb even exist? And now thanks to Gov. Cuomo, it won’t exist in New York State — or at least advertising for illegal, unsafe, insecure, money-making, tax-avoiding, days-long rental properties that compromise the safety of all law-abiding neighbors, won’t exist.

Of course, within seconds of Cuomo signing the bill on Friday, Airbnb announced it was filing a lawsuit, calling it “typical backroom Albany dealing.”

In fact it is Airbnb is the very definition of backroom. Short-term unregulated rentals are illegal. There is no vetting of the renters, or the apartment owners/leasers. Individual apartments and houses lack the security of hotels, aren’t inspected for cleanliness and safety by the Health Department, and don’t even carry required insurance. Renters are felons, period.

Meantime, in this time of security concerns, your next-door neighbor — for days — can be a terrorist, a drug dealer, a thief or failing that, a partier, a bed bug carrier or a rapist. I don’t want strangers on the other side of my wall every two days.

Get a room! In a hotel.

Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/stasi-trump-clinton-pair-boobs-dinner-article-1.2841251