October 19, 2016
Unfortunately, current state law does not distinguish between everyday New Yorkers who occasionally rent out their homes and illegal hotel operators who remove permanent housing from the market. To make matters worse, in June, in a back-room deal in the final hours of the session, the Legislature passed a bill that doubles down on this outdated approach, threatening everyday New Yorkers with historically high fines for simply advertising their home for short-term rentals. This bill is awaiting a signature or veto from Gov. Cuomo. There’s a better way forward. By embracing policies that promote responsible home-sharing, we will not only help New Yorkers who share their homes to pay the bills, but support small businesses in neighborhoods far outside traditional tourist zones like Midtown Manhattan….
Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/chris-lehane-overhaul-laws-home-sharing-article-1.2835635