June 23, 2016
ALBANY – Airbnb wants New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to veto a bill that would bar state residents from advertising apartments available for short-term occupancy in violation of state and New York City rental laws. The Internet-based accommodations service said the measure, which calls for potential fines of tens of thousands of dollars for repeat violators, would deter New Yorkers from making money on units that are eligible for temporary rental through home-sharing platforms. The company also has asked its supporters to send emails and letters to Cuomo urging him not to sign the measure….
Source: http://www.newyorklawjournal.com/this-weeks-news/id=1202760715429/Airbnb-Seeks-Veto-of-Bill-to-Restrict-Ads-for-Available-Rentals?mcode=1202615036097&curindex=1&slreturn=20160523170110