October 18, 2016
Mayor Mitch Landrieu declared on Monday that full-time, short-term rentals of entire homes in residential neighborhoods were “off the table” for his administration. It turns out that a lot depends on how you define “full-time.” A pair of ordinances the administration submitted to City Council members Monday afternoon — after consultation with websites like Airbnb and Homeway — would allow anyone who owns or leases a property in a residential area to rent it out up to 15 times each year for as many as 120 days total. Those rentals would face fewer regulations than the proposed full-time rental of entire homes in residential areas that the plan eliminates. At the same time, the relatively loose time limits on so-called “temporary” rentals could potentially allow those units to be used solely for short-term rentals, rather than as an occasional way for basically full-time residents to make money while they’re out of town — a model espoused by many proponents of short-term rentals….
Source: http://www.theadvocate.com/new_orleans/news/politics/article_41d017a4-9569-11e6-a009-f71abe172501.html