September 1, 2016
Laguna Beach officially has new rules regarding short-term housing — the Airbnb-style hotel alternative. The City Council on Tuesday affirmed its first vote on Aug. 9 to ban the controversial practice — which involves renting out space in a house or apartment for 30 days or less — in residential zones. It would be allowed in commercial zones, for instance in units above the stores on the coastal highway. Councilman Robert Zur Schmiede said he favored relegating short-term lodging to commercial areas to avoid violating the city’s general plan. Allowing short-term rentals in residential areas, he said, “would essentially be a policy to convert residential districts into commercial vacation areas over time.” “Our long-term rentals will be reduced, and second homes will become year-round mini-hotels, with our Police Department and 911 serving as the front desk,” he said….