August 9, 2016
MENLO PARK (KPIX 5) – A Menlo Park woman is unsure if she would use Airbnb again after she said a guest flooded her home and ran an adult business from the room she was renting. As she related in a blog post, Sharon Marzouk was out of town when she got a phone call from her housemate. “He told me that I’d better come home quickly and there is an emergency at the house. And where’s the circuit breaker?” Marzouk told KPIX 5. Marzouk said the woman she rented her room to on Airbnb had turned on the faucet for the tub and walked away, flooding the upstairs. “It had overflowed from the second floor to the first floor and water was pouring from all the light fixtures,” she said. When she returned to Menlo Park, Marzouk said she noticed that the guest wasn’t just sleeping there, but operating an adult business from her room….