July 18, 2016
Airbnb knows it has a housing discrimination problem. The company has made that clear on Twitter, in the media, on stage at its OpenAir event, and, most recently, at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference. It says it has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination of any kind. And when discrimination does occur on its platform — as it has dozens of times this year, the company is quick to tout its anti-discrimination policy as evidence of this. Yet a BuzzFeed News tour of the company’s registration process for new hosts reveals that policy is — at best — extremely difficult to find. At no point during Airbnb’s roughly15-minute, 24-part registration process does the company detail it, or even inform potential hosts of its existence….
Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/carolineodonovan/good-luck-finding-airbnbs-housing-discrimination-policy?utm_term=.qc1mZaX05#.qn1yP0mEw