June 1, 2016
Airbnb workers prefer not to take any serious measures until they see “content that promotes discrimination, bigotry, racism, hatred, harassment or harm against any individual or group” with their own eyes. Maybe the screenshots of an online dialog between Shani Taylor, a Black, and Todd Warner, a White, which Shani later deleted, would make the administration of Airbnb change the way they see and treat things. “I hate n—— so I’m gonna cancel you,” Mr. Warner writes, and he definitely gets some perverted pleasure from doing so as he continues. “This is the south, darling. Find another place to rest your n—– head.” Such words are just outrageous and humiliating. Maybe a boycott will become good stimulus and a cure from deafness of Airbnb….
Source: https://blackmattersus.com/8798-the-situation-with-airbnb-is-getting-worse-as-time-goes-by/