July 5, 2016
A senior counsel for San-Francisco based Airbnb, the rapidly growing vacation home rental website, recently set up a political action committee in New York, just weeks after the company suffered a potential setback in the waning days of the Albany legislative session, state Board of Elections records show. The California political law and compliance attorney, Kevin Heneghan, who works at Airbnb, set up the “Stronger Neighborhoods PAC” on July 1. He is listed as its treasurer. At the end of the legislative session in mid-June, both houses of the Legislature passed a bill penalizing Airbnb users who advertise certain short-term rentals in New York City. The bill still hasn’t been signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is reportedly reviewing the legislation….
Source: http://blog.timesunion.com/capitol/archives/264933/after-legislative-setback-airbnb-attorney-sets-up-new-york-pac/