As President of the Hotel Association of New York City (HANYC) it is my privilege and honor to welcome you virtually to New York City’s go-to resource for the hotel industry.

Established in 1878 as a trade association, HANYC has been a tireless advocate for issues, big and small, affecting New York City hotels with a view to ensuring the vitality and growth of its member organizations. Given the industry’s pivotal role as a major employer and contributor to the social and cultural fabric of the greatest city in the world the Association always strives to be nimble and responsive to the continual changes that buffet its members operating environment.

As the go-to source for New York’s hotel industry, HANYC is its proactive voice on all matters pertaining to hospitality. It advocates, educates, communicates and innovates to ensure the long term health and vitality of the industry. With more than 280 member hotels HANYC represent more than 80,000 rooms and approximately 50,000 employees. There are also over a 100 allied members offering a range of services and products to hotels.

The explosive growth in tourism to New York City has spawned a plethora of lodging options within the legal framework but also put forth challenges at multiple levels within the operating paradigm of hotels such as the soaring cost of distribution channels. The steadily rising external threats are underscored by the enormous inventory growth in illegal short-term rentals. HANYC seeks not only to be at the forefront of these threats and challenges but also anticipate them with a view to mitigating their effects.

It is with the foregoing in mind that HANYC has formulated a strategic plan that not only provides a rubric for the way forward but will serve to broaden its footprint while bringing an inclusive list of stakeholders into its fold. Its implementation will bring about substantive changes to HANYC’s governing body, broaden its reach in the hotel community and ensure its presence in the City as the resource of choice for all things hospitality.

HANYC currently has a 31-member Board of Directors and four officers as well the standing committees to address industry issues ranging from finance to safety, human resources and membership. Professional outside counsel are retained to complement the wide range of services being offered. Implementation of the strategic plan over the next couple of years will witness a considerable bolstering and expansion of these functions.

HANYC has been a pillar of the NYC community with involvement in numerous charitable endeavors as well as community initiatives. These will be significantly augmented with the establishment of a foundation that would equip the Association with the tools and resources to bring about the maximum impact in all these areas.

I invite all visitors, virtual and physical, to reach out to me and my team concerning any and all issues that are of concern to them and welcome any feedback.

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Vijay Dandapani, President and CEO