As President of the Hotel Association of New York City, Inc., I’d like to welcome you to our Web site, and take this opportunity to introduce you to our Association.

The Hotel Association of New York City, Inc. is very much a part of the rich fabric of New York City. Established in 1878, it is one of the nation’s oldest professional trade associations. In a city often hailed as the world center for finance, business and culture, the association has no choice but to be the best. Its founders’ goals were to establish an Association that would support their industry with the highest quality services and resources available.

Despite the enormous changes of the past century, the membership of the Hotel Association of New York City, Inc. can be proud that those goals still hold true today, and that its focus on excellence has been maintained. Through the years, the Association has evolved, anticipating and meeting the growing and changing needs of its members and their city.

The Association is the industry’s voice, and has traditionally represented New York City’s hotels in virtually every type of situation, ranging from tourism to legislation to labor negotiations. Today, the Hotel Association of New York City, Inc. boasts more than 280 member hotels representing more than 80,000 rooms and approximately 50,000 employees. The membership roster includes all of New York’s leading hotels in addition to more than 100 allied members who are the major hotel suppliers in the United States.

The Association is governed by a 31-member Board of Directors with four officers elected by the membership and the Board. The Board consists of a broad cross-section of the industry. Within the Association, there are standing committees responsible for addressing all important topics such as Fire and Safety, Legislation, Membership and Human Resources. When necessary, they will recommend action and take positions on issues of concern.

To support New York City’s hotels in meeting their diverse business needs in a climate that continues to grow more complex and specialized, the Association requires outside professional counsel to complement its wide range of services without sacrificing in-depth knowledge and expertise. Outside counsel is retained for legal representation, legislative representation, labor management relations, public relations as well as guidance on fire and safety protection.

In addition, the Hotel Association is committed to involving its members in numerous community initiatives and charitable endeavors which have garnered them locally and nationally, more than 15 marketing communications awards.